You can link to the library calendar using pre-defined filters.

Some examples:

Combine as many filters as you like, in any order, but for consistency please standardize on the form: /location/event-type/audience/find/search+term/ if possible. You can use multiple locations, events, or audiences. Just leave out any filter types you don’t need.

Search filter:

To trigger a search use /find/followed+by+your+search+term/. I strongly recommend using a plus sign “+” in place of spaces all_of_the_time. This will make your links more resilient to sharing through applications that may not handle url encoding of spaces correctly (email, social, word docs, etc). Just be positive (+) and you won’t have a problem!

Synthetic filters:

Synthetic filters are logically related groups of filters. Talk to Sean If you need one added or changed.

Complex example:


List of URL triggers


  • dt – includes nw
  • nw
  • es
  • hy
  • it
  • sh
  • so
  • lg – large branches
  • sm – small branches

 Event Types:

  • class
  • closure
  • computer
  • concert
  • craft
  • drop-in
  • early-ed
  • stem
  • storytime
  • summer
  • learn – class, computer, early-ed, stem


  • all
  • family
  • toddler
  • preschool
  • school
  • tween
  • teen
  • adult
  • kids – family, toddler, preschool, school, tween